• Voco Provicol QM

    Provicol Eugenol-free temporary luting cement with calcium hydroxide Indications Temporary luting of inlays, onlays, crowns, partial crowns, bridges, attachments and posts Temporary filling of small cavities.

    1,862.002,100.00 inc all taxes

    Voco Provicol QM

    1,862.002,100.00 inc all taxes
  • Voco Structur 2 SC

    • Simple and fast working steps
    • Less than 1 minute setting time in the mouth
    • Easy to shape and polish
    • Available in 8 shades for natural aesthetics
    • Long-lasting temporaries
    • High stability of shape and shade
    • Very economical due to minimal material loss
    • Natural fluorescence
    5,277.005,950.00 inc all taxes

    Voco Structur 2 SC

    5,277.005,950.00 inc all taxes
  • 3M ESPE Protemp 4


    Protemp™ 4 temporisation material is a bis-acrylic composite for the fabrication of reliably strong temporaries with splendid aesthetics. With a string of unparalleled features, Protemp 4 temporization material is unique to the market and was developed to satisfy even the most demanding temporization disciplines: Record breaking tracture resistance through sophisticated nano filler technology Patient-pleasing aesthetics:

    Product packaging:

    200ml base paste/ catalyst paste, 4 catridge, 20 garant mixing tips green.

    5,960.008,025.00 inc all taxes

    3M ESPE Protemp 4

    5,960.008,025.00 inc all taxes

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