• Koden One Second LED Light Curing Unit

    • Environmental White Plastic Shell
    • 10W High Power LED
    • Strong, Flashing,Gradually strong 3 Modes
    • Large Capacity lithium battery
    • Shutdown automatically without any operation in 40 seconds
    • Low battery warning
    • Suitable for all brands of resin materials
    • Long standby time of 90days or more
    • Be charged one time
    • Accordance with each working time of 20 seconds
    • It can be used continuously for more than 200 times.
    7,560.008,400.00 inc all taxes

    Koden One Second LED Light Curing Unit

    7,560.008,400.00 inc all taxes
  • 3M ESPE Deep Cure L


    3M ESPE Elipar LED Curing Light B10 Designed for maximum efficiency The Elipar LED Curing Light offers all the features you want and not ones you may never use Simple, intuitive 2-button operation with one cure mode for all indications. Multiple-setting light timer with easy, push-button control offers preset cure times of 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds, a continuous 120-second mode, and tack-cure mode. Tack-cure function allows predictable curing with reproducible short light pulses produced by simply keeping the start button pressed.

    Product Packaging

    1 Unit Deep Cure L, 1no.Filtek Z350XT Mykit, 1 Vitrebond, 2syg. Filtek Bulk fill flowable, 4 packs Soflex Discs (30 disc each), 1 Cavit G, 1syg. Clinpro Seleant,

    60,574.0071,720.00 inc all taxes

    3M ESPE Deep Cure L

    60,574.0071,720.00 inc all taxes

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