• Maquira Endo Ice – 200ml

    ENDO ICE is an exclusive product for vitality test in teeth with minty odor. Its composition allows effectiveness in the diagnostic because it has cooling agents.


    Product Packaging:

    Bottle of 200 ml.

    1,400.001,900.00 inc all taxes

    Maquira Endo Ice – 200ml

    1,400.001,900.00 inc all taxes
  • Dentsply Glyde Syringe Kit

    Glyde File Prep Gel is used to facilitate the cleaning and shaping of the root canal by lifting debris coronally while it simultaneously lubricates the file. Glyde File Prep gel effervesces when it reacts with sodium hypochlorite. This ‘bubbling’ action lifts dentinal mud and necrotic tissue for easy removal. In addition; the EDTA in Glyde assists to remove bacteria and leave the dentinal tubes and lateral canals ready for obturation.

    This kit contains 3 x 3ml Syringes. Benefits include: Reduces the risk of instrument fracture by acting as a lubricant Helps to flush out debris Canal walls free of smear layer due to EDTA and its demineralising Chemically cleans and removes smear layer thanks to the carbamide peroxide it contains Complete removal by rinsing thanks to its completely water-soluble formulation.

    2,100.002,270.00 inc all taxes

    Dentsply Glyde Syringe Kit

    2,100.002,270.00 inc all taxes
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