• KODEN Pro Guard Surgical Face Mask(Melt-Blown)

    3-LAYER NON-WOVEN MELTBLOWN FABRIC: The offered face mask is designed with special 20 GSM 3-ply non-woven meltblown fabric to ensure enhanced level of protection from even the smallest particles present in the air like dust, bacteria and other allergens to help you breathe easier and stay germ-free

    • MULTIPURPOSE USES: Ideal for use at clinics, hospital, dental clinics, caterers, construction areas, beauty shops, etc. by professionals and people with allergies for utmost personal care
    • ENHANCED COMFORT LEVEL: It skin-friendly non-woven meltblown fabric is gentle on human skin.
    • Packaging:50pieces (Each five pieces one packet)
    750.00800.00 inc all taxes

    KODEN Pro Guard Surgical Face Mask(Melt-Blown)

    750.00800.00 inc all taxes

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