A Guide on Dental Laboratory Equipment List and Their Uses

dental equipment list

Dental laboratory equipment encompasses a full range of system used in the manufacturing of dental prosthetics. The dental equipment includes everything from the dental chair to the utilities working in the background. Also, include systems and machines that accomplish a highly specific task for quality dental restorations. Dentists prefer the latest digital technologies for high-precision production or time-tested techniques for maximum appeal. Get to know the popular dental laboratory equipment list and their uses, for better dental services.

Check out the dental laboratory equipment list,

Spatula, Knife and Plaster Bowls

These instruments are common to all plaster rooms. The items are used for mixing, shaping and trimming Kaffir, die stone materials and plaster of Paris. Most of the dental lab supplies maintain the cleanliness of instruments to prevent the rapid setting of materials.

Wax Knives and Carvers

Wax knives and carvers are one of the major dental laboratory equipment used in the laboratory for several procedures. Get high-quality knives and carvers from leading online dental equipment suppliers.

  • Small wax knife is a common instrument used in the fabrication of crowns.
  • Large wax knife is a common instrument for melting, placing, and carving wax model in the production of dentures.
  • Hylin carver is a popular instrument in the production of crowns.
  • Ash 5 carvers are used to mould the wax in the production of dentures.

Hand Instruments

Hand instruments are the significant dental laboratory tools used in most of the dental procedures. The instruments are easy to handle and most of the dental laboratory supply companies deliver high precision instruments for better service.

Take a look at the hand instruments under dental laboratory equipment list and their uses,

  • Ceramic Brush is an effective dental technician equipment used in the production of crowns and other dental procedures. Ceramic brushes are available in different sizes according to the specific use. Small ceramic brushes are good for staining and the large brush is a good option for condensing ceramic.
  • Micromotor is one of the advanced dental laboratory equipment, used in terms of engineering, control and quality. The micromotor is operated in low voltage electricity and controlled via foot or knee controller.
  • Ceramic Spatula finds application in the mixing, placing and carving of ceramic powders.

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Burs – Dental Laboratory Tools

Burs are commonly used in most of the dental procedures. Burs are available in a wide range and find application in several unique dental restorations. There are plenty of dental laboratory supply companies delivering high-quality burs in the market.

  • Tungsten Carbide is the popular dental lab equipment for sale in the market. Dentists prefer high-quality tungsten carbide for several applications within the laboratory. Get TCs in unique shape and size according to the requirement. Plaster trimmer, small round burs and flame-shaped TCs for trimming acrylic.
  • Stone burs are used in trimming and finishing of acrylics, ceramics or alloys.
  • Diamond disc and burs are popular for their shaping qualities; get the exact shaping of ceramics and composites.

Pliers and Cutters

Pliers and cutters are one of the significant dental laboratory equipment used in orthodontics. The instrument finds application in any occasion when a wire needs to be bent or cut. Dental technicians select from a wide range of Pliers and cutters.

Take a look at the Pliers and cutters under the dental laboratory equipment list and their uses,

  • Adams Plier 65 is used in the bending of orthodontic stainless steel wire. Adams 64 is a round-edged plier for forming springs and curves.
  • Ribbon arch plier is a quality instrument used in adjusting torque in rectangular archwires. It’s well-known for bending offsets and 90-degree bands.
  • Crimpable hook Plier assures best intraoral access and prevents unexpected internal injury.
  • Pin and ligature cutter, unique dental technician equipment used in orthodontics. The cutter is used in posterior areas for smooth cutting of ligature wires and elastomeric.
  • Maun cutter is used in cutting most of the orthodontic stainless steel wires.


The autoclave is one of the essential dental laboratory equipment used in dental clinics. An autoclave is a simple device that uses steam to sterilize the equipment and related objects. Get rid of viruses, fungi and bacteria; keep your instruments clean forever.

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Having the right equipment in good working conditions is critical for a successful Dental Lab. So, focus on purchasing from reputed online distributors and enhance the workflow selecting the best dental laboratory supply companies.

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