2020 Top List of Endodontic Instruments

List of Endodontic Instruments

Dentistry is gaining importance every year. Most of the dentists prefer the latest technologies and innovative instruments that assure extreme patient comfort and great ROI. Instruments play a significant role in any dental procedure. So, it’s essential to check out the list of endodontic instruments before reaching your dental chair.

A root canal is the part of endodontic treatment. There is a general guideline for root canal preparation, but according to the complexity of varying canal anatomy, each case has some unique challenges. Get the list of endodontic instruments and their uses to accomplish this complexity.

Endodontic instruments are divided into four different sections; each section has some unique instruments to overcome the complexity level.

Exploring Instruments

Exploring instruments locate the canal orifice and determine the patency of the root canal. Some of the exploring instruments include smooth broaches or pathfinders, endodontic explorers and also, check out the list of endodontic instruments used in exploring canals.

Smooth Broaches – smooth broach is useful for absorbing the moisture content and applying disinfectants. Smooth broaches easily wind a wad of absorbent cotton.

Endodontic Explorer – the endodontic explorer is an instrument used at the beginning of root canal treatment. It’s a simple and useful instrument preferred by most of the dentists. It’s simple to locate the canals and work on it. The hand instrument is perfectly made of durable stainless steel allowing clinicians to track the groove by hand before utilizing any machine-driven files to shape and clean the canal.

Debriding Instruments

While involving in the root canal treatment, it’s essential to extirpate the pulp and remove any sort of foreign debris. Such instruments reduce treatment time and improve patient comfort. Get to know the list of debriding endodontic instruments and their uses.

Short Barbed Broach – it’s an innovative product from Koden. The Broach is a hand use root canal instrument that helps in the removal of pulp tissues. Also, supports the removal of cotton-wool dressing during the root canal treatment.

Dentsply Broaches – these broaches are specially designed to remove bulk pulpal tissue. The instrument comes with an easy to grip; colour-coded handle packed in a sterile blister pack. Get these instruments from top online distributors like KCK Direct.

Cleaning and Shaping Instruments

Endodontic Instruments

Dentists schedule two or three sittings to complete the root canal process. Laterally and apically, it’s essential to clean and shape the root canal. So, dentists prefer high-quality reamers and files for a successful endodontic treatment.

Stainless Steel Reamer– Koden provides an innovative stainless steel reamer to support the root canal treatment. It allows the dentist to involve in the smooth preparation of canal walls during the root canal treatment.

Peeso Reamer– Mani peeso reamer is a special instrument that enlarges the cervical portion of the canal, preparing a spacious canal entrance and removing gutta-percha for extra space.

Mani Reamers– it’s similar to the Koden reamers with mirror-finish edges and high ductility. The stainless steel prevents corrosion even after repeated cleaning and sterilization.

H-files– Koden stainless steel H-files assure fast cutting and removal of debris during the root canal treatment. It’s a durable instrument, resistant to corrosion in any endodontic treatment.

K-files– Koden special K-files are made up of high-grade stainless steel. It’s used in the cleaning and shaping of canal walls while accomplishing the root canal treatment.

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Obturating Instrumnets

Obturating instruments are essential to complete the root canal procedure. These instruments cement and pack gutta-percha into the tooth roots. Get to know the list of endodontic dental supplies used in obturating.

Spreaders – Koden spreaders is a special root canal instrument used by the dentists to ensure a smooth conical shape and pointed tip. Dentists prefer spreaders for vertical compacting of gutta-percha and other filling materials.

Pluggers– Koden stainless steel plugger is a hand instrument used in root canal procedure to achieve the conical shape and flat tip. Dentists use branded pluggers for vertical compacting of gutta-percha and other filling materials.

Above listed are the top endodontic instruments and their uses, there are special hand use tools as well as machine-driven tools. Classify the endodontic instruments according to the requirement for a successful root canal procedure. Get standardized and corrosion-resistant instruments for safe treatments. Get high–quality instruments from leading online distributors, practice clean and healthy treatment style in your clinics.

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